Sunday, March 6, 2022

Russia's Second Largest ISP Cuts Off Russian Websites

The Second Largest Internet Service Provider (ISP), Cogent Communications, is cutting off Internet Service to its Russian Clients.

This puts it in league with Companies like Meta, which has Blocked Russian State-affiliated News Agencies on:

- Facebook in Europe

- Twitter, which slaps a Warning Label on Tweets from State-run Russian Media Outlets

- And Other similar Services

Cogent provides Internet Infrastructure and Services, that serves International Clients, including many Companies in Russia.

Russia has staged Cyberwar Offensives against the neighboring Nation's Military and Banking websites.

It is also was using its State-affiliated Media Outlets, and Bot propaganda Networks, to put out a Version of the Country's Invasion of Ukraine that is Favorable to Russia.

Cogent said that it made the Decision to cut off access in order to counter "outbound cyber attacks or disinformation" staged by Russian Interests aligned with President Vladimir Putin. However, the Company also noted that it was "a tough decision," since keeping Russians Connected to the Internet is Crucial for them to get Non-State Sanctioned Information.

Other Companies that have Stopped doing Business with Russia include: Tech Giants like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and others; as well as Visa, Boeing, and even Harley Davidson.

Apple stoped Product Sales in Russia, and also Removes, Media Companies RT and Sputnik, from the App Store.

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