Saturday, March 19, 2022

OH House Republicans Discussing Impeaching Chief Justice After Map Ruling

Ohio House Republicans, are discussing whether to Impeach, Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor, after the Ohio Supreme Court Rejected a Third set of Legislative Maps, and ended all hope of a full May 3rd Primary.

The Court struck down the Maps on Wednesday, with O’Connor as the deciding Vote, sending the Ohio Redistricting Commission back to the Drawing Board for the Fourth time.

A Ruling on the latest Congressional Maps is expected any day.

O’Connor (R) is seen as an Independent Voice on the Court, and sided with Democrat Justices to throw out Multiple sets of Maps, arguing they did Not comply with Constitutional Rules for Redistricting.

That’s increasingly made her a Target of fellow Party Members who contend she’s shirking her responsibilities.

“It’s time to impeach Maureen O’Connor now,” State Rep. Scott Wiggam (R-1st District, Wayne County), tweeted Thursday.

An email from a Republican State Central Committee Member, said an unnamed Lawmaker disclosed that they would be Filing an Impeachment Charge against O’Connor. Multiple House Republicans said there have been Discussions about the matter, but it’s unclear if any decisions have been made. “I don’t understand what the woman wants,” said State Rep. Sara Carruthers (R-51st District, Hamilton). But we know, Fair representative Maps.

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