Thursday, March 3, 2022

NYC Mayor Unveils Brooklyn Wind Hub To Reduce NYC’s Carbon Footprint

New York Mayor, Eric Adams (D) joined Energy Executives in Brooklyn Thursday, to announce a New Offshore Wind Energy Production Hub, that will Bolster the City’s Mission to Generate 100% of its Energy from Renewable Sources by 2040.

The Hub, which will span a sizable chunk of the City-owned South Brooklyn Marine Terminal in Sunset Park, is expected to produce Wind Energy Turbines, for Installation off the Coast of Long Island, Adams said in a Morning Press Conference at the site.

“This is a transformative moment. New York City is moving toward a clean future and a future of sustainable power and good paying jobs for local residents,” Adams said, adding that the Marine Terminal Production Plant will be “one of the largest offshore wind port facilities in the Nation.”

The Hub will be Operated and Built by, Energy Giants Equinor and BP, with Funding and Assistance from the New York City and State Development Corporations.

The Engines built in Sunset Park, will be shipped out to the Empire Wind and Beacon Wind Farms off of Long Island’s Southern Coast, Initiatives that Adams’ Administration said will Cancel out more than 34 million tons of Fossil Fuel Emissions, the Equivalent of removing nearly 500,000 Cars from Roadways for 15 years.

In a Boost to the Local Economy, Adams said the Project will generate 13,000 New Jobs, over time, as well as $1.3 billion in average Annual Investment Citywide.

The Mayor said at least 30% of New Contracting Jobs, related to the Project, will be set aside for Minority and Women, owned Business Enterprises in the Community.

“That is so important to highlight because far too often we watch the transformative moments take place in our city, and we leave behind far too many people,” he said.

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