Saturday, March 12, 2022

NYC Employees At Companies With Ties To Russia Furloughed Due To U.S. Sanctions

Jeremy Levine says he took last weekend to gather himself, after learning he and other Employees of the 15 minute Grocery App company, Buyk, would be Furloughed in the wake of U.S. Sanctions against Russia. “We were notified we were furloughed about 98% of employees because of funding issues that had to do with getting money from our founders and investors in Russia,” Levine said, who’s been with the Company for about Five months.

He was One of Hundreds of Employees. A Notification letter Employees received, cited unforeseen Circumstances causing the Company to temporarily Reduce its Workforce

Buyk launched its Operations in the New York City last year, with coverage in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Buyk promising ultrafast Grocery Delivery service.

Because of U.S. Sanctions, other Companies in the City with Russian Connections are also closing up shop.

Another 15 minute Grocery Delivery App company, ‘Fridge No More’ posted a Message on Instagram, saying it’s unfortunately closing its Business, effective immediately.

For hundreds of Employees, the abrupt Closures stirred concerns of Payment for time worked. Levine said that’s no longer a concern.

“Everybody was to be payed by Monday and as far as I know we were all paid for our time,” he said.

“What’s going across the world is really unfortunate and there’s no comparison to what the people of Ukraine are going through at this time,” Levine emphasized.

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