Wednesday, March 23, 2022

NY New President Of MTA

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is a Public Benefit Corporation, is the largest Public Transit Authority in the U.S., serving 12 Counties in Downstate New York, along with Two Counties in Southwestern Connecticut, under Contract to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, carrying over 11 million Passengers on an average weekday Systemwide, and over 850,000 Vehicles on its Seven Toll Bridges, and Two Ttunnels, per weekday.

More than Two years after Andy Byford, quit as New York State and City’s “Train Daddy,” the MTA has found a New Person to fill his big shoes.

Richard Davey, the former Massachusetts Secretary of Transportation, will become the Next President of MTA. He’s the First Person to hold the Position permanently since Byford.

Sarah Feinberg and Craig Cipriano previously held the Role in an Interim capacity.

Davey, who also had stints at the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority and Massachusetts Bay Commuter Railroad Company, will oversee a 54,000 Person Workforce, and the Operations of the Buses, Subways, Paratransit services, and Staten Island Railway.

He most recently served as a Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group, where he advises on the Future of Mobility.

Davey’s First day on the job will be May 2nd. He will have his hands full when he starts work.

Ridership is Rebounding across the Transit system, as more New Yorkers venture outside, but it’s still down roughly 50% overall, and Transit Leaders acknowledge it will never fully Rebound.

MTA Chair and CEO, Janno Lieber, has spoken about the need for New Revenue Streams to offset the Lack of Revenue.

Davey will likely Lead that Fight in next year’s Budget Process, as the MTA is Projecting a Deficit in 2025.

Davey will also oversee Major Capital Projects, including realizing Govenor Hochul’s (D), Vision for a New Interborough Express Rail Line, connecting Brooklyn and Queens.

He must:

- Oversee the Extension of the Second Avenue Subway.

- Launch a New Congestion Pricing System.

- Execute on Long-Promised Signal Improvements and Accessibility Upgrades.

Davey, for his part, says he is up for the Challenge: “I hope that whenever my tenure ends, New Yorkers can look back and say that guy from Boston made a difference,” Davey said in a Statement.

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