Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Manafort Removed From Plane For Revoked Passport

Former Trump Adviser, Paul Manafort, was Removed from a Plane, at Miami International Airport, before it took off for Dubai, because he carried a Revoked Passport, Officials said Wednesday.

Miami-Dade Police Detective, Alvaro Zabaleta, Confirmed that Manafort was Removed from the Emirates Airline flight, without incident, Sunday night, but directed further questions to U.S. Border and Customs Protection.

Manafort, 72, led Trump’s Campaign, for several months during the 2016 Presidential Race, but was ousted in August of that year, after revelations about his Business dealings in Ukraine.

He was later Indicted on a Broad Array of Financial Crimes, as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Investigation into Ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia.

He was Convicted by a Jury in August 2018, and later Pleaded Guilty, in Federal Court in Washington.

In May 2020, Manafort was Released from a Low-Security Prison, where he was serving a more than Seven-year Federal Sentence amid concerns about the Coronavirus.

Although Manafort had Not served long enough to be Eligible for Release under the Guidelines, the Bureau of Prisons decided to Free him because of his Age and Health Vulnerabilities.

Trump Pardoned Manafort in December 2020.

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