Monday, March 14, 2022

Julian Assange Denied U.S. Extradition Appeal

Julian Assange, on Monday, denied Permission to Appeal, to the UK Supreme Court against moves to Extradite him to the U.S., where he could face a Lifetime in Prison.

Washington wants to put the WikiLeaks Founder on Trial, in connection with the Publication of 500,000 Secret Military Files, relating to the U.S.-led Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Ruling brings the long-running Legal saga in the UK Courts closer to a Conclusion, unless Assange's Lawyers launch a Challenge on a separate Point in the Case.

In January, 2021, the 50-year-old Australian appeared to have won a Reprieve on the grounds he was a Suicide Risk if he was kept in Solitary Confinement at a Maximum Security U.S. Facility.

But the U.S. Government Appealed, and at a Two-day Appeal Hearing in October, its Lawyers pointed to Diplomatic Assurances, that Assange would Not be held in Punishing Isolation, at a Federal Supermax Prison, and would receive Appropriate Care.

Assange is due to marry Stella Moris, his Fiancee, and mother of their Two young boys, later this month.

Approving that Appeal, Two Judges accepted the New Assurances, noting they were Not unusual in such Cases and "solemn undertakings offered by one government to another".

Assange Appealed that Ruling and in January, Two Judges allowed him to apply to the Country's Highest Court on "points of law of general public importance".

But a Spokeswoman for the Court said: "The Supreme Court has refused permission to appeal... as the application didn't raise an arguable point of law".

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