Saturday, February 5, 2022

NYC Gov. Appoints Next Parks Commissioner

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) continued to fill Top Positions of his Cabinet Friday, naming Sue Donoghue, the current President of the Prospect Park Alliance, as the City’s next Commissioner for the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Donoghue will be overseeing more than 30,000 acres of Land under the Park Department's purview, which includes: Parks, Playgrounds, Recreational Facilities, and Beaches.

"Our parks function as the lungs of the city: they clean our air, they help to lower air temperatures, they absorb storm water and have a critical role to play in addressing issues of climate change," Donoghue said. "They're critical in the well being of the city and building community.

Adams committed to setting aside at least 1% of the City's Budget to put towards Parks Funding. Adams has asked All Agencies to Cut spending by 3%.

Adams also named Iris Rodriguez-Rosa as First Deputy Commissioner. She currently serves as Bronx Borough Commissioner.

Running the Agency will also mean contending with the issue of of Funding Equity. Parks like Prospect Park have the Prospect Park Alliance, a Fundraising arm, that raises millions of dollars, to help operate the Park, but Not all Parks have such Resources.

"We know that we are going through financial crisis," Adams told Reporters during the announcement. "Right now everyone must follow this exercise because we have to be financially sound."

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