Tuesday, February 1, 2022

NASA Plans To Destroy ISS In January 2031

NASA has revealed Plans to Sink the International Space Station (ISS), in an Ocean in one of the most Remote places on Earth, known as a Spacecraft Cemetery.

This is expected to happen in January 2031, beginning with a gradual 'de-orbit' of the massive 930,000lbs facility, with the Parts that don't Burn-Up in the Atmosphere, coming down in an Uninhabited area of the South Pacific Ocean, called Point Nemo.

This is said to be the most Remote place on the Olanet, the furthest point from any Human Settlement in any direction, where Satellites and Rockets are put to rest.

The Station, which launched in 1998, was designed to last for 15 years, and will have been Operational for over 30, by the time it is sent plunging into the ocean.

NASA says Safety Checks of the overlying structure have shown it to be safe through to 2030, but each new Docking and Undocking adds further strain, and issues with some of the Russian Modules, including repeated Leaks, have started to increase.

As part of the Transition Plan, NASA said a number of Commercially operated Modules will be added to the Station over the next Decade.

The aim is that eventually they will Separate and form their own Commercial Station, joining at least Three other privately-run Orbital Facilities launching before 2030.

NASA says it will be a Customer of Private Operators, rather than run its own Facilities, much like it currently purchases Seats with SpaceX to get Astronauts into Orbit.

The End-of-Life Plan, followed a Commitment by President Biden to Support the Station to 2030, by which time Commercial alternative should be Operational.

The ISS is a unique laboratory that is returning enormous scientific, educational, and technological developments to benefit people on Earth and is enabling our ability to travel into deep space, NASA wrote, when announcing the New Plan.

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