Friday, February 25, 2022

Four Western States Joining Forces To Create Hydrogen Hubs

These Four Western States: Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, are banding together to develop New ways to make Hydrogen more available as Fuel for vehicles, by joining forces to create Hydrogen Hubs.

The States' Governors announced Thursday, they signed an Agreement to create a Regional Clean Hydrogen Hubs, and that the States will Compete for a Slice of the $8 billion in the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIGA), to go towards the Development of at least Four Hubs.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA), commonly referred to as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, and originally in the House as the INVEST in America Act (H.R. 3684), is a U.S. Federal Statute enacted by the 117th U.S. Congress and signed into Law by President Biden on November 15, 2021.

"This coalition represents a shared vision for the future of hydrogen in the mountain west region, expands the resources beyond what each state has individually and reaffirms Wyoming's commitment to supply hydrogen to consumers throughout the Western States," said Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon (R).

According to the Agreement, the Western Inter-State Hydrogen Hub will have Facilities in all Four States, and additional interested States can be added to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in order to help Create the Hubs.

Some of the Goals of the Endeavor include: Bolstering Economic Development and using the "latest science, research, and technology for cost-effective generation, transportation and use of clean hydrogen."

Hydrogen is the most Abundant Element on the Plant, and some in the Auto and Truck industry view it as the "fuel of the future."

Earlier this month, Toyota announced it Commissioned Yamaha Motor to develop a Hydrogen-fueled Engine.

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