Saturday, January 22, 2022

TX AG Faces Lawsuit After Missing Prosecutor's Deadline To Hand Over Documents

Texas Attorney General (AG), Ken Paxton (R), could face a Lawsuit, after Missing a Prosecutor's Deadline, to Hand-Over Documents, tied to his appearance at Trump's Rally before the Capitol Riot.

The Texas Prosecutor, in a Letter, gave Paxton Four days to turn over Records tied to his January 6 Appearance. Paxton Refused the Request, and called it "meritless,".

The Travis County DA's Office, said Paxton Broke the Law by Not Disclosing his Travel to the Capitol.

In the Letter to Paxton sent on January 13, Jackie Wood, Director of Public Integrity and Complex Crimes, at the Travis County District Attorney's Office said, the AG had broken the Law by Not sharing Records about his Rally Attendance, or by Not keeping Records of it.

The Request came after Five of Texas' Biggest Newspapers: the Austin American-Statesman; The Dallas Morning News; the Fort Worth Star-Telegram; the Houston Chronicle; and the San Antonio Express-News, filed a Complaint that Paxton was Refusing to share Records that should be Public.

In a Letter sent on Friday, a Lawyer for Paxton's Office, Austin Kinghorn, said they had Not Violated any Provision under the State's Open Records Law.

"Frustrated that they have failed to uncover anything worth reporting following 'numerous open records requests to AG Paxton office for various documents,' complainant newspaper editors have sought to leverage your office's authority to further their fishing expedition, or worse, manufacture a conflict between our respective offices that will give rise to publishable content for the complainants' media outlets," Kinghorn wrote about the Five Newspapers.

Paxton's Refusal to Release Records, tied to his January 6 Appearance, comes after Attorneys General are considering Charges for Illegitimate Electors who Falsified Documents, saying Trump Won the Majority of Voters in States where he Lost.

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