Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Detroit Lawmakers To Challenge Redistricting Maps

A group of Detroit Lawmakers, said Monday, they plan to file Suit, in the Michigan Supreme Court, over Redistricting Maps they argue Disenfranchise Black Candidates and, by extension, Black Voters.

The Congressional, State Senate, and State House, Maps approved last week, significantly Decreased the number of majority-minority seats in the Michigan Legislature, but also made gains in providing more partisan fairness toward Democrats, who have been subject to districts drawn by the Republican Majority for decades.

The Michigan Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission, approved by Voters in 2018, changed the way the once-in-a-decade Redistricting process is done by giving that responsibility to a 13-member Citizens Panel made up Four Republicans, Four Democrats, and Five Independent Members.

“Unfortunately, the problem lies in the largest African American majority city in the nation has received the very short end of the stick,” said filing Attorney Nabih Ayad. “The new redistricting map lines have unfairly discriminated against the city of Detroit, its residents and its elected officials.”

The Commission said Monday, it had heard of the Suit through media reports, but had Not yet been served.

The Panel believes the Advice it received from its Voting Rights Act Lawyer, guided the creation of Maps that comply with the Voting Rights Act (VRA), said Commission spokesman Edward Woods.

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