Thursday, January 13, 2022

2020’s Renegade Presidential Electors

The Select Committee Investigating the January 6th Attack on the Capitol, has been digging into the Renegade Electoral Votes submitted by some Republicans in some States that President Biden carried in 2020, Freedon of Information Act (FOIA)'s elsewhere have revealed more.

In prior years, of Renagade Electors, most States passed Laws that either sent Alternate Electors and/or Fined Electors who didn't Vote the State's Certified Results.

In 2020, No State Legislature attempted to send a Competing set of Electors, and Vice President Mike Pence (R), never tried to introduced them to Congress, nor did anyone in Congress Request them.

But some Republicans cast Votes purporting to support Trump and Pence in their States, despite the fact that the Democratic Slates of Electors were Certified as the Winners, and then sent Certificates to Congress.

The Arizona Electors met on December 7, not December 14, the Date Congress set for prescribed Electors to meet.

The Michigan Electors falsely stated they met “in” the Capitol, which State Law requires them to do, when they were Excluded from the Building.

The late former Senator, Johnny Isakson (R) didn’t attend the Rogue gathering in Georgia and was Replaced.

Neither did former Michigan Secretary of State, Terri Lynn Land. The most prominent Republicans, in other words, accepted the Certified Outcome of the Election and didn’t attempt to attend the Renegade gatherings.

Is what the some Electors did illegal?

There are Statutes again Forgery and General Violations of the Elections Code.

Were 2020 Presidential Electors simply trying to “Preserve” their Legal Challenges, in the extremely Longshot event that they won them?

Some Legal Challenges are Pending in some States.

Should Alternate Electors and/or Fined Electors, be the Standard?

This, of course, places additional Pressure on the Certification Process and raises additional Questions about Congress’s Power to Adjudicate Multiple Certificates, including if One lacks the Imprimatur of a State Official.

Will 2020's Lessons yield an Electoral Count Act Reform before 2024?

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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