Friday, December 24, 2021

GA Election Workers Suing Giuliani And One America News Network

Two Georgia Election Workers, Ruby Freeman and her Daughter, Wandrea "Shaye" Moss, are Suing Rudy Giuliani and One America News network (OAN), in a Lawsuit filed in Washington, DC, on Thursday, for Defamation, saying their False Election Fraud Claims made them Fear for their Lives. They said the "campaign of malicious lies" Destroyed their Reputations.

Freeman and Moss worked as Ballot Counters in Fulton County, during the 2020 Presidential Election.

The Complaint alleged that OAN and Giuliani, who frequently appeared on the Channel, Broadcast False Claims that Freeman and Moss Illegally Counted Ballots to Change the Outcome of the Election.

It specifically referred to a Video, published on Twitter by the Trump Campaign in December 2020, which Claimed to show Georgia Poll Workers, later identified at Freeman and Moss, producing Suitcases filled with Illegal Ballots.

Georgia Election Officials Publicly Debunked the Claims, explaining that the "suitcases" were Containers used to Secure Ballots in Georgia.

The Complaint said that despite this, OAN and Giuliani continued to Repeat the False Claims, publicly named Freeman and Moss, and Leveled additional Accusations of Criminal Fraud against them.

Freeman and Moss are Suing Giuliani, OAN, and the Network's CEO Robert Herring, President Charles Herring, and Reporter Chanel Rion, for defamation.

"As a result of their vital service, Ms. Freeman and Ms. Moss have become the objects of vitriol, threats, and harassment," the Lawsuit said.

"They found themselves in this unenviable position not based on anything they did, but instead because of a campaign of malicious lies designed to accuse them of interfering with a fair and impartial election."

Because of the False Allegations, the Lawsuit says that Freeman and Moss received "violent and racist threats and harassment," and were Physically Intimidated.

The Lawsuit also said that on January 6, 2021, a Crowd surrounded Freeman's House, and at one stage, she had to leave her Home at the Recommendation of the FBI, and did not Return for Two months. Strangers also showed up at Moss' Grandmother's Home, and attempted to Enter the House and make a Citizen's Arrest on at least Two Occasions, the Lawsuit said.

As a Result of the False Allegations, the Lawsuit says the Women's Reputations were Destroyed, and they Suffered a "devastating emotional toll."

The Defamation Lawsuit is the Second filed by Moss and Freeman, who this Month also Sued the Far-Right Website, Gateway Pundit, for Falsely Claiming they Manipulated Ballots.

OAN and Giuliani are also Facing, Billion Dollar Defamation Lawsuits, brought by Dominion Voting Systems, over Election Conspiracy Theories.

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