Monday, November 22, 2021

RNC Paying Trump’s Personal Legal Bills in NY Investigation Into His Financial Practices

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is Paying for some of Trump’s Legal Bills.

The RNC is using some Party Funds to Pay Ronald Fischetti, a Lawyer representing the Trump in the ongoing New York Investigations into his Finances.

In October, the RNC made Two Payments totaling $121,670, to the Law Firm of Ronald Fischetti, a Veteran Defense Attorney, whom Trump hired in April.

The Requests came earlier this Summer, but were only Voted-On by the Party’s Executive Committee, in recent weeks…

The RNC was willing to foot the Bills, When New York AG, Letitia James (D), made Comments that she wanted to go after Trump.

The Trump Organization Hired Fischetti in April, to represent them in the Investigation from Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance’s Office.

Fischetti is also Representing Trump in the Investigation from New York Attorney General Office.

The RNC confirmed the Payments stating, “As a leader of our party, defending President Trump and his record of achievement is critical to the GOP. It is entirely appropriate for the RNC to continue assisting in fighting back against the Democrats’ never ending witch hunt and attacks on him.”

RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel, has embraced Trump as the Future of the Party. She recently said that if Trump left the GOP, “we would lose.”

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