Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Dominion Voting Sues Fox Seeking Election Evidence From Murdochs

Dominion Voting Systems Inc., the Company Falsely Accused of Rigging the 2020 Presidential Election, Sued Fox Corp. in an effort to Gain access to Chairman Rupert Murdoch’s Documents about its Coverage of the Contest.

Dominion is trying to find out how much Murdoch and his Eldest Son, Fox Corp. Chief Executive Officer, Lachlan Murdoch, were involved in Fox News’s Broadcasting of Bogus Claims that Dominion Conspired with Foreign Hackers to Flip Millions of Votes away from then-President Donald Trump.

Dominion Sued Fox News in March, but the Network has Balked at Searching the Murdochs’ Documents, Dominion said in a Suit filed in Delaware State Court.

“Indeed, Fox News has disclaimed any responsibility for searching or producing the Murdochs’ documents, or working to facilitate any discovery from Fox Corporation at all -- despite Fox Corporation’s clear involvement (through Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch, and others) in managing Fox News, including through editorial input and control,” Dominion said.

The Searches are Warranted because the Murdochs “exert direct control” over Editorial Decisions at Fox News, which Dominion Accused of Pushing the Conspiracy Theory to Avoid Losing Viewers who Supported Trump, According to the Complaint, filed Monday. The Claims were repeatedly made On-Air by Rudy Giuliani, One of Trump’s Main Lawyers in the Fight to Overturn the Election Results, and former Trump Campaign Attorney, Sidney Powell.

Dominion is Fighting to Salvage its Reputation, even as Millions of Americans continue to Believe the Conspiracy Theory, which helped Trigger the Deadly Jan. 6 Capitol Riot, by a Mob of Trump’s Supporters.

“This lawsuit is a continuation of Dominion’s efforts to hold accountable all Fox entities that participated in the harmful defamation campaign against Dominion,” the Denver-based Company said in a Statement on Wednesday.

The Suit comes as a Judge in Delaware, is weighing Fox News’s Motion to Dismiss, the earlier Lawsuit, on the grounds that the Network’s Reporting on Claims about Election Fraud is Protected by the First Amendment.

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