Friday, November 19, 2021

Attempted Breach of OH County Election Network Draws FBI And State Scrutiny

Federal and State Investigators, are examining an attempt to Breach an Ohio County’s Election Network, that bears striking similarities to an Incident in Colorado earlier this year, when Government Officials helped an Outsider gain Access to the County Voting System, in an effort to find Fraud.

Data obtained in both Instances were distributed at an August “Cyber Symposium” on Election Fraud, hosted by MyPillow Executive Mike Lindell.

The attempted Breach in Ohio, occurred on May 4th, inside the County Office of John Hamercheck (R), Chairman of the Lake County Board of Commissioners.

State and County Officials said No Sensitive Data were Obtained, but they determined that a Private Laptop was Plugged into the County Network in Hamercheck’s Office, and that the Routine Network Traffic, Captured by the Laptop was circulated at the same Lindell Conference, as the Data from the Colorado Breach.

Together, the Incidents in Ohio and Colorado, point to an Escalation in Attacks on the Nation’s Voting Systems, by those who have embraced Trump’s False Claims that the 2020 Election was riddled with Fraud. Now, some Trump Loyalists pushing for Legal Challenges and Partisan Audits are also Targeting Local Officials, in a bid to gain Access to Election Systems, moves that themselves could undermine Election Security.

An FBI Spokeswoman confirmed Thursday, that the Bureau is Investigating the Incident in Lake County. Investigators are trying to determine whether Someone on the Fifth Floor of the Lake County Government Building, Improperly accessed the Computer Network, and whether any Laws were Violated. Investigators with the Office of Ohio Secretary-of-State Frank LaRose (R), believe a Government Official appears to have Facilitated the attempted Breach of the Election Network in Lake County, a Spokesman for LaRose said.

In both Counties in Ohio and Colorado, the Data were Captured by the same type of Gaming Laptop, using the same Software, and same Windows Operating System, Metadata shows.

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