Friday, October 8, 2021

USPS Hit With Lawsuit

The Lawsuit Demands Public hHarings be held on Proposed Changes at USPS. Nineteen States and the District of Columbia, have signed on to the Lawsuit.

Beginning this month, USPS began Slowing the Delivery of First-Class Mail and Raised some Prices.

The Lawsuit accuses the USPS of pursuing "significant and nationwide changes" without Proper Consultation.

Under Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, who was Appointed by Trump, USPS has Abandoned its Commitment to delivering First-Class Mail in Three days or less.

Beginning October 1st, such Mail can now take up to Five days to be Delivered, part of what DeJoy bills as a 10-year Plan to Cut Costs.

The Change will Delay an estimated 39% of First-Class Mail and Periodicals.

In their Complaint, the Attorneys General for: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and other Democratic-led States, argue that DeJoy's Plan should Not have been adopted without First requesting the Opinion of the Postal Regulatory Commission, an Advisory Body that would holdPpublic Hearings.

The Commission has previously expressed concern over the Proposal to Delay Mail Delivery.

Without such a Consultative Process, USPS is Violating Federal Statute, the Attorneys General argue, and Diminishing "the Postal Service's transparency and accountability."

In January, 21 Attorneys General issued a Joint Statement arguing that DeJoy's proposed Changes would harm Rural Communities and, in particular, Threaten the timely Delivery of Mail-in-Ballots.

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