Saturday, October 23, 2021

TX Lt. Gov. Pays Democrat For Republican Voter Fraud

A week after the 2020 Election, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) announced that he was offering up to $1 Million, paid from his Campaign Account, "to incentivize, encourage and reward people to come forward and report voter fraud."

Nearly a year later, Patrick has Paid out his First Reward of $25,000 to a Democrat in Pennsylvania, who Reported a Man for Voting Twice.

Eric Frank, a Poll Worker, received the Money, earlier this month, for his part in reporting, Ralph Holloway Thurman, a Republican who after Voting once, attempted to Vote a Second time as his Son, as First Reported by the Dallas Morning News.

"Of course, I never do anything for money, that's just how I was raised. I do things because it's just the right thing to do. And I would have reported Thurman if he was a Republican or a Democrat," Frank said on Friday.

Frank reported Thurman after he Recognized the 72-year-old, came back and attempted to Vote again with a "dark baseball hat and Ray Ban sunglasses."

Thurman Pleaded Guilty and was, sentenced in September, to Three years Probation, according to Court Documents.

Frank noted he wasn't supposed to be at the Polls the day of the Election, but was asked to fill in last minute by his father, an Election judge.

In Pennsylvania, a man in Delaware County in May, was Sentenced to Five years Probation, after Pleading Guilty to Casting a Vote in the name of his Deceased Mother in an effort to Reelect Trump.

I have counted Over 20 Cases in the US, with mostly Republicans, Voting Twice for Past Relatives.

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