Friday, October 15, 2021

Supreme Court Commission Seems To Favor Term Limits For Justices

Under the Constitution, Supreme Court Justices have Life Tenure, but the Commission described Term Limits as the Proposal that appears to have "the most widespread and bipartisan support."

Three Current Justices, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Stephen Breyer, and Justice Elena Kagan, "have noted the potential benefits of term limits," the Commission said. It cited Experts recommending an 18-year Term Limit for Justices, although it was Divided over whether Congress has the Ability to Create a Term Limit for Justices by Statute, or if a Constitutional Amendment would be Required.

There is also thoughts on allowing a Judge to then join the Appeals Court, if they wsnt to.

Progressives called upon President Biden to make Reforms to the Supreme Court, including Term Limits and Demanding he Pack the Court to potentially Strike Down Challenges to Voting Rights, Abortion Rights, and Civil Liberties.

The 36-Member Bipartisan Commission, largely composed of Academics, has been Studying Court Reform and Holding Hearings, but it was Not Charged with making Recommendations under the White House Order that Created it. As a result, much of the some 200 Pages of Materials the Commission released Thursday night. are History and Context for Reform Proposals.

A Final Report from the Committee, which was meeting Friday, is expected in about a Month and would go to the President. Even when the Commission does Finish its work, however, any Proposals for Change would be met with serious Political Headwinds particularly with Midterm Elections looming, and the chance that Democrats could lose control of Congress.

The Current makeup of the Supreme Court, with a Conservative Majority, and Key Issues, that are likely to be addressed by the Court could shape the Conversation in upcoming Midterm Elections. There are Two growing pressure points: Abortion and Voting Rights. The Court's Decision last month Not to Block a Texas Abortion Law from going into effect, even though it Violates current Roe vs Wade, has left the State with the Nation's most Restrictive Measures.

Challenges to the Law are ongoing and the Court is already Hearing a Major Abortion Case in December, that could Reshape Abortion Rights Nationwide. There also stand to be Legal Challenges to GOP efforts to Restrict Access to the Ballot in several Battleground States.

The Commission's Report was cautious in addressing Proposals for Increasing the Size of the Court. It noted Increasing the Court's Size could Create a more Diverse Court that could handle more Cases. But it also noted that the "risks of Court expansion are considerable," including to the Court's Legitimacy. but some Members felt the issue was Not fully explored.

The Panel is being led by Bob Bauer, who served as White House Counsel for former President Barack Obama, and Cristina Rodriguez, a Yale Law School Professor who served in the Office of Legal Counsel for Obama.

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