Saturday, October 9, 2021

Mexico National Guard Discovers 652 Migrants In Shipping Containers Headed To US

652 US-bound Central American Migrants were found crammed into back of Three Cargo Trucks, in Mexico.

Mexico's National Guard stopped the Three Tractor Trailers, hauling 652 migrants, on Thursday night in the Northeastern State of Tamaulipas.

The Migrant from: Brazil, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua, were spread across Six Freight Containers.

The Institute of National Migration, confirmed there were 198 Unaccompanied Children.

National Guardsmen operating a Checkpoint on the Victoria-Monterrey National Expressway inspecting the Tractor Trailers.

The Traffic Stop took place 200 miles from the nearest US-Mexico Border Crossing.

Federal Migration Agents Onsite, heard Voices coming from One of the Containers, and used X-Ray which confirmed that there were People in the Freight Boxes.

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