Friday, October 15, 2021

Clean Electricity Performance Program

Climate Advocates consider, the Clean Electricity Performance Program (CEPP), one of the Core Elements of Democrats' effort to Speed the Transition toward Solar and Wind Power, and Slash Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

The CEPP is designed to help Support and Accelerate this broad shift, by making a $150 Billion Public Investment, over the coming Decade, in Power Companies that meet Annual Targets for expanding Clean Electricity. Any type of Company that Retails Electricity that Increases its share of Clean Energy by 4% each year, can tap into the Grant Program. Clean Energy is defined as Power Sources that emit no more than 0.1 metric tons of Emissions per megawatt-hour, which include: Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Nuclear, and Hydropower.

Lawmakers and the White House, may soften the CEPP, to make it easier for Coal and Natural Gas Power Plants to take part in the CEPP, by raising the Program’s Carbon Emissions factor, a Figure that determines which Power Plants would qualify as Clean Energy. Increasing that figure from the Level of 0.1 metric ton of Carbon Dioxide equivalent per megawatt-hour, that was Approved by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, could enable Natural Gas and Coal-fired Power Plants outfitted with Carbon Capture Equipment to Qualify for Payments, and that number is movable.

The conversation is linked with a separate Discussion that would change Eligibility Requirements for a Tax Credit that would offer Incentives to Carbon Capture and Storage Technology. Changes to that Tax Credit, known as 45Q, would Not on their own be enough to convince Companies to Launch New Projects, unless the CEPP was altered to make it easier for Coal Power Plants are Outfitted with Carbon Capture.

President Biden has pledged to put the Country on a path to Reduce its Greenhouse Gas Emissions 50% to 52% below 2005 Levels by 2030. He also wants to reach Net-Zero Emissions on the Power Grid by 2035.

Biden’s Climate Platform allowed for the Deployment of Carbon Capture and Storage Technology, which Proponents say would Prevent Heat-Trapping Gases from reaching the Atmosphere. While that Technology is Not yet Economically viable on its own for the U.S. Power Sector without Subsidies, Labor Unions connected to the Energy Industry favor the Technology, saying it could provide Jobs even as the Nation Transitions to Cleaner Fuel Sources.

Several of those Unions sent a Letter on Friday, to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA, 12 District) and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), calling for the CEPP to better Accommodate Carbon Capture Technology.

But some Environmental Groups dismiss Carbon Capture as a False Solution for fighting Climate Change, complaining that it would Prolong the use of Fossil Fuels that would still cause Local Pollution problems from extracting Oil, Coal, and Natal Gas. “We’ve been very clear that we need to hold it” at Current Levels, said Lauren Maunus, Advocacy Director with the Sunrise Movement.

But to ovoid a Break in our Power production, the movement fron Fossel Fuel to Renewable requres, slowly closing down Fossel Fuel Operations, depending on bringing online Renewable Operations providing the Equal Power.

Along with CEPP, Democrats in the House are seeking to expand Tax Credits for Renewable Power, Upgrade the Nation’s Network of Electric Transmission Lines to better accommodate New Solar and Wind Farms, and spend Billions of dollars to Grow the Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles.

Democrats are also calling for Imposing a Fee on Methane emitted by the Oil and Gas Industry, as well as New Money to Launch a Climate Conservation Corps, provide Grants for Environmental Justice and Expand Home Energy Efficiency and Appliance Electrification Rebates.

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