Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Biden Administration To Name GOP Official To Key Election Security Role

The Biden Administration is expected to name Kim Wyman (R), Washington's Secretary-of-State, who Challenged Trump's False claims of Election Fraud, to Lead the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) efforts to Protect Future Elections from Foreign and Domestic Interference.

The move would put Wyman in a prominent Role working with Election Officials, across the Country, at a time when many Members of her Party have Baselessly cast Doubt on the Integrity of Elections.

Federal Officials, have for weeks been in talks with Wyman, to serve as the Election Security Lead for DHS' Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Wyman's Selection would Not be Official until All Administrative Paperwork is cleared with the White House and the Administration announces her Appointment.

Wyman would be a Federal Liaison to State and Local Officials as they look for Resources and Support to Protect Election Infrastructure from Hacking and Voters from Disinformation Campaigns.

She has Experience to draw on. She spent nearly a Decade as the Elections Director for Thurston County, Washington, before being Elected Secretary-of-State.

During the 2020 Election, Officials at the Agency used, a Public Website and an Active Twitter Account, to Debunk Trump's False Claims of widespread Election Fraud. The Fact-Checking prompted Trump to Fire the Agency's Director, Christopher Krebs, by tweet.

The 2020 Election also saw suspected Iranian and Russian Hackers access some Voter Registration Data, according to US Officials. But the Activity did Not affect the Integrity of the Vote, which Election Officials called "the most secure in American history."

DHS ramped up its ElectionSsecurity efforts after the 2016 Election, when Russian Government-backed Hackers probed State IT Systems across the US, and accessed Voter Registration Data in Illinois. Krebs and his Election-Security Lead, Matthew Masterson, won Plaudits from State and Local Officials of both Parties for forging closer Cooperation after an atmosphere of Mistrust in 2016.

Jen Easterly, the Agency's current Director, has said it will continue its efforts to Combat Voting-related Disinformation. "We work with election officials of all parties, and we have to be seen as supporting them and supporting the security of their elections, and not to be seen as doing anything that may be interpreted as partisan," Easterly said.

Krebs said that he was "really impressed" by the Choice of Wyman to Lead the Agency's Election Security efforts. "Kim doesn't see R or D, red or blue," Krebs said. "She's committed to delivering democracy for the nation. Everyone wins here."

Since Trump's Defeat last November, Election Officials of both Parties have faced a Torrent of Mis- and Dis-Information from Trump Allies that Election Experts warn is a Threat to US Democracy.

The FBI has in recent months Stepped-Up its efforts to Investigate the Threats to State and Local Officials.

In a recentPpaper published by Stanford University, Masterson and other Election Security Experts warned that the Threats could prompt Election Officials to Leave the Profession when they are needed most. "Influence agents are emboldened by 2020, while defenders of election integrity are under-resourced and uncoordinated, leaving them vulnerable to repeated tactics," the Paper reads.

I think its time to revamp the Election Assistance Commission (EAC), and Add a Profesional Certified Election Workers to run Federal Elections. I would also want the StAte and Local Elections run by Certified Election Workers.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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