Wednesday, September 8, 2021

World's Largest Plant Capturing Carbon From Air In Iceland

© Reuters/ARND WIEGMANN FILE PHOTO: Facility for capturing CO2 from air of Swiss Climeworks AG in Hinwil

The World's Largest Plant that sucks Carbon Dioxide, directly from the Air and Deposits it Underground, is due to start Operating Today, the Company behind the Nascent Green Technology said.

Swiss start-up, Climeworks AG, which Specialises in Capturing Carbon Dioxide directly from the Air, has partnered with Icelandic Carbon Storage Firm, Carbfix, to develop a Plant that sucks out up to 4,000 tons of CO2 per year.

That's the Equivalent of the Annual Emissions from about 790 Cars. Last year, Global CO2-Emissions totalled 31.5 billion tonnes, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Direct Air Capture is one of the few Technologies Extracting Carbon Dioxide from the Atmosphere and is viewed by Scientists as Vital to limit Global Warming, blamed for causing more Hheatwaves, Wildfires, Floods, and rising Sea Levels.

What can create 500,000 New Jobs, Modernize the Country's Energy Infrastructure, and avoid Hundreds of Thousands of Needless Deaths? Clean Energy that Phases-Out Coal, Natural Gas, and Internal Combustion Engines.

The Air Pollution we generate by Burning Fossil Fuels, which produces Energy for our Homes and Businesses and Drives our Cars, causes over 50,000 Deaths in the U.S. Annually.

That's according to Yale Climate Connections, a Nonpartisan, Multimedia Service, that provides News and Analysis on the issue of Climate Change.

By switching to Cleaner Energy, the U.S. could avoid 400,000 Deaths from Air Pollution by 2050, writes Karin Kirk, at Yale Climate Connections:

- Coal Burning accounts for about 101,000 of these Early Deaths.

- Road Transportation for 98,000.

- Natural Gas for 42,000.

- Eliminating Fossil Fuel Production by 2050 could Avoid another 30,000 Early Deaths.

The Largest State, which also has the Worst Air Pollution, California, could avoid 68,000 Early Deaths, mostly from Electrifying Transportation, while Major Coal-Consuming Economies, like Pennsylvania and Ohio, could Save the most Lives by Eliminating Coal Burning.

Using Data from Net Zero America, a 2020 Report that looks at what it would take for the U.S. to achieve an Economy-Wide Target of Net-Zero Emissions of Greenhouse Gases by 2050, Yale Climate Connections Mapped-Out the Benefits of Phasing-Out the Deadliest Types of Air Pollution: Coal, Gas Cars, Natural Gas, and Fossil Fuel Production.

The Orca Plant, a Reference to the Icelandic Word for Energy, consists of Eight Large Containers similar in looks to those used in the Shipping Industry, which employ High-Tech Filters and Fans to Extract Carbon Dioxide.

The Isolated Carbon is then Mixed with Water and Pumped Deep Underground, where it Slowly turns into Rock. Both Technologies are Powered by Renewable Energy sourced from a nearby Geothermal Power Plant.

Direct Air Capture is still a Fledgling and Costly Technology, but Developers hope to drive down Prices by Scaling-Up as more Companies and Consumers look to Reduce their Carbon Footprint.

There are currently 15 Direct Air Capture Plants operating Worldwide, Capturing more than 9,000 Tonnes of CO2 per year, according to the IEA.

U.S. Oil Firm, Occidental, is currently Developing the Largest Direct-Air-Capture Facility, to pull 1 Million Ton per year of Carbon Dioxide from the Open Air near some of its Texas Oilfields.

Climeworks, which recently Signed a 10-year Carbon Removal Purchase Agreement with Major Insurance Firm Swiss Re, also offers a Subscription Service, which Allows Consumers to Pay for Carbon Removal through Monthly Payments.

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