Tuesday, September 14, 2021

NY Catskills Renewable Connector Brings Clean Energy To NYC

Last year, the Public Service Commission (PSC) established a New Tier 4, within the Clean Energy Standard (CES), in response to, The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA)'s CES White Paper, which states that reaching New York's Goal to have 70% Renewable Energy Production by 2030 would be difficult to achieve, if the State does Not Displace a Substantial portion of NYC's Fossil-Fueled Energy Sources.

Through Tier 4, Renewable Energy Systems: Geothermal, Solar, On-Land Wind, Hydroelectric, Wave Energy, and others, will be located In or Deliver Energy to Zone J (NYC). NYSERDA currently has a Tier 4 RFP Solicitation and has received several Bids in response.

In Partnership with Citizens Campaign for the Environment, they are Hosting a Series of Lunch & learn Webinars to Educate the Public on Proposed Tier 4 Projects.

The Third one in the Series is on September 21st, and will provide an Ooverview of Rise Light & Power's Catskills Renewable Connector.

Catskills Renewable Connector Lunch & Learn, Tuesday, September 21st, 2021, 12:00pm - 1:00pm, via Zoom.

The Catskills Renewable Connector will bring Clean Wind and Solar Energy from Upstate New York to Power 15% of New York City.

The Energy will travel through a buried 1,200 MV Transmission Line that connects Greene County to Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens County.

In an effort to prioritize Clean Energy and Green Jobs, Rise Light & Power, the Owner and Operator of the City’s largest Power Generator, has committed $2.5 Million toward the Utility Workers Union of America's Power for a Training Trust Fund.

The Project aims to Decrease Dependence on Non-Renewable Energy, establish Clean Energy Partners in New York State, and Commit to Community Development Plans for Disadvantaged Groups.

It is expected that this Project will create over 5,000 Jobs and generate over $2 Billion in Economic Impact.

By 2030, the Connector is expected to Reduce the State’s Demand on Natural Gas by 10%.

Developed as a Response to NYSERDA’s Tier 4 REC Program, this Project is expected to Reduce the City’s Carbon Footprint and Help the State Reach its Carbon Emissions Reduction Goals, set by the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

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