Monday, September 20, 2021

Biden To Raise Refugee Cap

The Biden Administration, on Monday, said it would Raise the Refugee Admissions Cap to 125,000 in fiscal 2022, meeting a Target that President Biden set, during his Presidential Campaign.

The State Department said it Transmitted a Report to relevant Congressional Committees recommending “an increase in the refugee admissions target from 62,500 in Fiscal Year 2021 to 125,000 in Fiscal Year 2022 to address needs generated by humanitarian crises around the globe.”

The next Fiscal year begins in October 2021.

Biden endured a torrent of Criticism, earlier this year, when the White House announced he would keep the Trump Administration’s Record-Low Refugee Cap of 15,000.

The White House quickly changed course, saying the Figure wasn’t Final.

Weeks later, the Administration raised the Cap to 62,500.

The Biden Administration will need additional Slots, in part to accommodate Afghans, who are being brought to the U.S. after the Fall of the Afghan Government, to the Taliban during the U.S. Military Withdrawal from the Country.

Some 53,000 Afghans have been brought to the U.S., though a Portion of them are Applicants for Special Immigrant Visas (SIV).

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