Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Biden Selects Elizabeth Prelogar For Solicitor General

President Biden has decided to tap Elizabeth Prelogar, the Veteran Appellate Lawyer, who has pursued the Administration’s interests at the Supreme Court, over the past Seven months, to become Solicitor General on a Permanent Basis.

Prelogar, a Harvard Law Graduate and a former Clerk to Attorney General, Merrick Garland, during his Tenure as a Judge on the D.C. Circuit. In addition to Garland, Prelogar Clerked for Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan.

She served as a Prosecutor on the Staff of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, during his Investigation into alleged Ties between the Trump Campaign and Russia. Prelogar is fluent in Russian, which was One asset she brought to the work for Mueller.

Prelogar spent about Five years as an Attorney in the Solicitor General’s Office, some of that time in a Dual Role with Mueller’s Team.

She left Government for a Law Firm, early last year, before returning to Government, in January, to assume the Job of Acting Solicitor General.

Biden’s unusually Lengthy, almost-seven-month Delay, in making a Nomination for the Solicitor General Post, had drawn attention and concern among some Supreme Court Watchers.

They noted that the months of Indecision was Threatening to Leave the Key Position lacking a Permanent occupant when the Justices open their next Term with Oral Arguments in October.

It’s Not clear what led to the Delay in filling the High-Ranking Post, but some Attorneys noted Prelogar’s Ties to Garland, and said the White House might have wished to consider other Candidates.

One other Person widely discussed for the Job was California Supreme Court Justice. Leondra Kruger.

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