Friday, July 9, 2021

Biden Names More Ambassador Nominees

President Biden named Four more Nominees for Ambassadorships, on Friday, including:

Bangladesh: Peter Haas, is a Career Senior Foreign Service Member who now Serves as Acting Assistant Secretary of State, and as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, for the State Department.

Haas has worked in State Department Positions at Five Different Bureaus in his Career, including in Mumbai, India.

Chile: Bernadette Meehan, the Executive Vice President of Global Programs for the Obama Foundation. Meehan was a Career Foreign Service Officer for over a Decade, serving in Multiple Positions at the National Security Council (NSC). At one point, Meehan was Special Assistant to then Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She speaks Spanish and Arabic.

India: Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti. Garcetti, who Co-Chaired Biden’s 2020 Campaign, reportedly was interested in a High-Profile Post like Mexico. Garcetti is Half-Mexican.

He was Passed-Over for several other Jobs in the Administration, including Transportation Secretary. Garcetti has been the Mayor of Los Angeles since 2013, after serving 12 years on the City Council.

Garcetti had been a Leading actor in Climate Change Initiatives as Mayor. He Co-Founded Climate Mayors that Led more than 400 U.S. Mayors to adopt the Paris climate Agreement. He was also in the U.S. Navy Reserve for 12 years until he Retired in 2017 as a Lieutenant.

He also has ties to Asia. He was an Inaugural Asia 21 Fellow of the Asia Society and has Lived and conducted Field Work on Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Human Rights, in Southeast Asia and Northeast Africa.

Monaco: Denise Campbell Bauer, served as Ambassador to Belgium from 2013 to 2017. She speaks French. Previously a Journalist in Los Angeles, Bauer moved to the Nonprofit Sector, where she held Numerous Leadership Roles.

In 2019, she became the Executive Director of Women for Biden, a Group that helped Elect the President. She held a similar Role during former President Obama’s
Reelection Campaign.

The Biden Administration has said it plans to keep the Ratio of Career Appointees to Political Appointees closer to the traditional 70% to 30%.

Trump’s Political Appointees Surpassed that Traditional Marker at roughly 45% of the Total, leaving Biden with an Unusual Number of Vacancies to fill.

All of the President’s Nominees Must be Confirmed by the Senate.

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