Friday, July 16, 2021

Biden Administration To Restore And Expand Protections for Tongass National Forest

The Biden Administration to Restore and Expand Protections for Tongass National Forest, and Add additional Logging Restrictions, the Agriculture Department announced, on Thursday.

In a Statement, the Department said that it would start a Rulemaking Process, this summer, to Restore Clinton-era Protections to the Alaska Forest.

It will also Add more Protections by Ending large-scale Sales of Timber Harvested from the Tongass's Old Growth Trees, but will still allow Small-Scale Sales for "community consumption and cultural use."

The Department also said that it would Invest about $25 Million in Sustainable Opportunities, for Economic Growth, Community well-being, and would also look for potential Priorities for Future Investments.

A recent trove of Data on so-called Forever Chemicals is spurring Calls for more Transparency around the use of Toxic Fluids by Fracking Companies.

One of the People pushing for a New approach is, Linda Birnbaum, former Director of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, who says the Federal Government, should treat the Cancer-Linked Chemicals like Name-Brand Pharmaceuticals, rather than designating them as Untouchable Trade Secrets.

Birnbaum spoke, a day after Revelations from the Advocacy Group, Physicians for Social Responsibility, that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2011, Approved the use of Chemicals that can Break-Down into Toxic forever Chemicals, known as PFAS, in Fracking Fluid.

The Group obtained Internal EPA Documents that were heavily Redacted and did Not reveal Chemical Names, due to Confidentiality Rules that allow Companies to maintain Trade Secrets.

Birnbaum said those Rules are due for an Overhaul, in the interest of Public and Environmental Health.

"Maybe we should begin to think about [them] as being something like a patent on a drug, which after a certain number of years expires - and then you get your generics coming in."

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