Tuesday, June 22, 2021

NYC Voting System With Ebook-Demand Printing-Voter-ID-RCV

New Yorkers Voted today, in the City Primary, using for the First Time, Ranked-Choice Voting (RCV).

This is the Process they used:

- A Registered Voter Receives a Voter ID Card, with only a Barcode on it, and on the attachment, their Assembly District and Election District. If they Don't have an ID Card, they will have to supply, Look-Up Information.

- At the Poll Site, they find their correct table, and their ID Card is Scanned. It brings up their Photo and Signature from the Voter Rolls. It also shows if they already Voted, or if their Absentee Ballot is in the System. They have to tell the Poll Worker if they want the Absentee Ballot to be Cancelled. Either way, when the Absentee Ballot is Opened, the Worker will have the information to determine, there is only One Vote for that Voter.

- The Voter then Signs the Ebook Screen, and the Worker verifies this is the Correct Voter. If the Voter is Not in the System, they can Vote on an Affidavit Ballot, and it will be Verifed later.

- If it is deterined you are the Registered Voter, you are given the On-Demand Printed Ballot and a Security Folder.

- The Voter then goes to a Privicy Booth and Marks their Ballot. For the First time, they will: Pick a Districk Attorny, and Rank between Four or Five choices depending on the Office.

- Finally, the Voter goes to an Optical Scanner and their Ballot is Scanned.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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