Wednesday, June 23, 2021

GA Officials Collect Legal Fees from Trump’s Lawyers Maybe

Election Officials in Georga's DeKalb and Cobb Counties, in February, sought to Recoup Legal Fees over what they described as a "meritless and legally deficient" Lawsuit, which claimed, entirely without Evidence, that Tens of Thousands of Illegal Voters participated in the Presidential Election.

Trump Withdrew the Lawsuit a day before the Hearing, the same week as the Jan. 6th Assault on the U.S. Capitol. A Court was set to hear Arguments over the Legal Fees, last Friday, but both Counties said in Filings that they had Recovered the Costs.

The Cobb County Board of Elections received $15,554 to Pay for its Legal Costs, according to a Friday Court Filing. DeKalb Recovered $6,105 in Fees, telling a Judge, on Monday, that "plaintiffs, through counsel, have provided payment for the full amount of attorneys' fees."

But Trump's Lawyer in the Case, Randy Evans, Denied that Trump had paid the Fees, but declined to say who did. "The two motions have been withdrawn. There was no settlement agreement,".

Evans also Represents the Trump Campaign and the Georgia Republican Party. "The taxpayers in DeKalb and Cobb have been fully reimbursed. There are no other details because there are no other details."

Daniel White, an Attorney for Cobb County, said the Fees were Paid through Evans' Firm. "I would certainly defer to them if they want to clarify where they got the funds from," White said.

Trump raised more than $250 Million after his Election Loss, ostensibly to Fund his Legal Battles. But he spent just a Small Fraction of those Donations on Actual Legal Costs and far more on Additional Fundraising and Advertising. Five of his Impeachment Lawyers Quit just a week ahead of his Second Senate Trial over a Pay Dispute, and Trump is still Refusing to Pay Rudy Giuliani for his Labors in pursuing work on the Baseless Allegations of Election Fraud.

Trump has Complained that the Big Legal Bills are "such a pain in the ass".

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