Friday, June 11, 2021

Biden Moves Border Wall Funds To Military And Construction Site Clean-Up

President Biden's Administration, will Return more than $2 Billion Military Funds, allotted by Trump to Build a Wall along the U.S.-Mexican Border, to the Military and Devote other remaining Money to Construction Site Clean-Up, the White House Budget Office, said on Friday.

The move will Return Funds to 66 Military Projects spanning 11 States, Three U.S. Territories, and 16 Countries, the White House said in a related Fact Sheet.

The Projects include $79 Million to Renovate a U.S. Military School in Germany and $9 Million for a Firing Range in Indiana.

Trump Secured about $15 Billion for the Wall Project, including $10 Billion in Redirected U.S. Military Funds.

Biden issued an Executive Order, on Jan. 20th, his First day in Office, that paused Wall Construction, saying "a massive wall that spans the entire southern border is not a serious policy solution."

The Biden Administration said, on Friday, that it would use its Legal Authority to Stop any New Border Wall Construction while calling, on Congress, to Redirect existing Resources to Technology-based Border Security.

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