Wednesday, May 26, 2021

More Binden's Ambassador Picks

President Biden is expected to announce his New Ambassador Picks.

China Ambassador: Former Senior State Department Official, Nicholas Burns.

Burns previously served as Undersecretary of State under President George W. Bush and as U.S. Envoy to Greece and NATO. Burns is now the Executive Director of the Aspen Strategy Group and Aspen Security Forum. He’s also a Professor of the Practice of Diplomacy and International Relations at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Biden, on Wednesday asked U.S. Intelligence Officials to “redouble” their efforts to Investigate the Origins of the COVID-19 Pandemic, including any Possibility the Trail might lead to a Chinese Lab.

Biden also pressed, China’s Xi Jinping on his Government, Crackdown of Democracy Activists in Hong Kong, Human Rights Abuses against Uighur, and Ethnic Minorities in the Western Xinjiang Province, and what the U.S. sees as Unfair and Coercive Trade Practices.

India Ambassador: Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti.

Garcetti, if Confirmed, would be Dispatched to India as it has been Overwhelmed by a Surge in Coronavirus Infections and Deaths. India’s Death Toll is the Third Highest reported in the World after the U.S. and Brazil, and True Numbers are thought to be Significantly Greater.

The 50-year-old Democrat would Leave behind a City where his Tenure has been Defined by the Coronavirus Pandemic and an Out-of-Control Homeless Crisis that saw Filthy Encampments Spread into nearly Every Neighborhood.

Garcetti, who considered a 2020 White House Bid and later became Part of Biden’s Inner Circle, emerged as a widely discussed possibility to join Biden’s Cabinet last year. But he took himself out of the running, saying the raging Coronavirus Crisis made it Impossible for him to step away. The Two-term Mayor would leave LA with an Uneven Record. He has been Credited with continuing a Transit Buildup in a City choked with Traffic, establishing Tougher Earthquake Safety Standards for Thousands of Buildings, and steering the City though the deadly Pandemic as it became a hot spot for Infections. Cases have Fallen steeply in the City and some Restrictions have been Rolled Back, consistent with the Trajectory in the State.

But Garcetti was Overmatched by a Crisis of Homelessness that became a National Embarrassment despite the Massive Jump in Government spending to fight it. Many Streets and Sidewalks remain Cratered and Crumbling, despite his early Pledge to make Fixing them a Cornerstone of his Administration. In picking Garcetti, the President would be Rewarding a Loyalist who was One of his National Campaign Co-Chairs, who served on the Committee that Vetted his Pool of Vice Presidential Contenders and who Served as One of several Co-Chairs for Biden’s Inaugural Committee.

The India Post would allow the Politically Ambitious Garcetti to Burnish his Foreign Policy Credentials ahead of a possible Future White House run. Garcetti’s Popularity has Slipped in recent years, and Black Lives Matter Protesters had banged drums outside his Official Residence, earlier this year, to urge Biden Not to Choose Garcetti for a Cabinet Position.

Israel Ambassador: Former Deputy Secretary of State, Tom Nides.

Japan Ambassador: Former Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Other Ambassador Leading Contenders:

Prominent Democratic Fundraisers, Denise Bauer (France), Jane Hartley (Italy), and David Cohen (Canada).

During the Obama Administration, Bauer served as Ambassador to Belgium, Hartley was Ambassador to France and Monaco. Cohen is a Top Executive at the Cable Company, Comcast.

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