Thursday, February 25, 2021

St. Louis to Use New Mayoral Primary System for First Time on March 2nd

Thirty-One Cities in the top 100 Cities by Population are holding Mayoral Elections this year. One of those Cities, St. Louis, is doing so using a Primary that’s the First of its kind in the City.

This election will Feature the First use of Approval Voting in the City's History.

Candidates of All Political Affiliations will Run in the Election Without Partisan Labels, and Voters may Choose any Number of Candidates to Vote for.

The Two Candidates to Receive the Most Votes will Advance to the General Election on April 6th. Voters Approved this Voting Method in November 2020 as Proposition D.

Mayor Lyda Krewson (D) is Not Running for Re-Election.

Four Candidates are Running in the Primary:

- 2017 Mayoral Candidate Andrew Jones (R).
- St. Louis Treasurer Tishaura Jones (D).
- Aldermen President Lewis Reed (D).
- Alderwoman Cara Spencer (D).

Based on Reporting required Eight Days before the Election, Spencer leads All Candidates in Contributions with $356,000, followed by T. Jones with $333,000, Reed with $271,000, and A. Jones with $20,000.

Spencer also Leads in Money Spent ($326,000), followed by T. Jones ($267,000), Reed ($233,000), and A. Jones ($10,000).

T. Jones has Received the Most noteworthy Endorsements in the Race, including: Saint Louis County Executive Sam Page; Democracy for America; and the State Council of the SEIU.

Spencer received Endorsements from former Mayo,r Vincent Schoemehl Jr. and former Aldermanic President, James Shrewsbury. The St. Louis Post Dispatch Endorsed both Spencer and Reed.

In 22 of the 31 Cities that are holding Mayoral Elections this year, the Incumbent is Democratic.

Seven Incumbents are Republican.

One is independent.

One is Nonpartisan.

Proposition D was one of 17 Approved Local Election Policy Ballot Measures in 2020 in the Top 100 Largest Cities.

Voters in Six Cities in Four States Approved Ranked-choice-Voting Measures that year.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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