Friday, January 22, 2021

Biden Ices ICE with 88% Deportations Suspended

President Biden has Ordered Changes to Immigration that Favor Illegal Immigrants more than former President Obama by essentially telling U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to Stand Down and Eliminating the Phrase “Alien” in favor of “Non-Citizen.”

Under the New Orders, an estimated 88% of Deportations under the Trump Administration will be Suspended. Illegals with Dangerous Criminal Backgrounds will be ignored.

In the Future, the ICE Director may be required to “sign off on every ICE Action that takes place outside of a jail or prison.”

According to the Analysis from Jessica M. Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, “President Biden has said that he doesn't support ‘abolishing ICE,’ but apparently he does support abolishing nearly all immigration enforcement.”

Vaughan’s Analysis was of a New Memo from Acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, David Pekoske, laying out a 100-day "pause" in Enforcement that goes into effect Next Month. It followed Biden Executive Orders that wash away Trump’s Immigration Policies and Ends Construction of the Border Wall.

Long an Expert on the Border, Vaughan said that the New Policies will be more Liberal than they were when Obama was President. His Open Door Policies and the Public’s Anger at them became Trump’s Main 2016 Campaign Theme and a Driver in his Election.

“The memo imposes restrictions on immigration enforcement actions that are even tighter than those adopted (with disastrous results) by the Obama administration, and make the country a sanctuary not only for criminal aliens, but all who are here in defiance of our laws,” she wrote.

It is to be determined how ICE Officers and Immigration Officials react. When Trump came into Office, they Embraced New Policies that let them do their Jobs.

The Key Element of the New Orders are for ICE Officers to look away from All but the Worst Illegals. Deportation Targets in the 100-day Period will be Limited to Terrorists, Recent Border Crossers, and “those who are currently incarcerated for an aggravated felony conviction and who are determined to be a threat to public safety.”

That leaves out “aliens convicted of domestic violence, sex offenses, drunk driving, theft causing loss of less than $10,000, vehicular homicide,” she wrote.

Deportations will Crash as a Result. “Out of all interior deportations, the number of cases classified as ‘not aggravated felons’ in 2018 was 83,804. This was 88% of all interior deportations,” she said.

The Changes have drawn Fire already in Congress. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) has demanded DHS Explain the Changes. He said, "I am concerned that such directives will prevent the removal of illegal immigrants with existing removal orders, including those with serious criminal records and convicted of violent crimes such as rape, sexual assault, and other aggravated felonies."

He added, “It is deeply troubling that one of the first actions taken by the Biden administration could undermine the safety and security of all Americans, including immigrants here lawfully.”

I agree, the Cases with Criminal Records should be Re-Evaluated using a New Criteria defining Crimes that should be immediatrly Deported. But there also needs to be Createed an Option for those where their Home Country Rejects them.

A once Large Caravan of Honduran Migrants that pushed its way into Guatemala last week in hopes of reaching the U.S. Dissipated in the face of Guatemalan Security Forces, while Small Groups pressed on toward the Mexican Border.

Biden's Administration must define how these Caravans will be handled before they arrive. Texas, on Friday, moved to Stop President Biden from allowing a 100-day Moratorium on Deportations, bringing one of the First Lawsuits against his New Administration. The Federal Lawsuit seeks a Halt to the Deportation Moratorium “for certain noncitizens" that was to begin Friday. Texas claims the Moratorium Violates an Agreement, Signed in the waning weeks of Trump's Presidency, that Required the Federal Government to Run Changes to Immigration Enforcement past the State First.

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