Friday, July 10, 2020

Trump Missed Filing Annual Financial Disclosure Report

U.S. President, Donald Trump, Missed filing his Annual Financial Disclosure Report, the Only Regular glimpse the Public gets of a President's Finances.

It was Due in May 2020. He and other White House Employees Received a 45-day Pandemic Extension that came Due Last week. Trump's Financial Report still hasn't been Filed.

Trump Originally Complained the Report was "Complicated" and said he was far Too Busy "addressing the coronavirus crisis and other matters" to meet the May Deadline, as if he himself was Filling-it-Out.

Apparently, he was so busy, it inhibiting the ability of his Accountants to Complete the Report.

Now the White House says Trump "intends to file as soon as possible.”

Of course, No one is more Conscientious about Public Disclosures of his Businesses than Trump.

Filing the Report is Legally Mandated by Federal Ethics Rules, but neither the White House nor the Office of Government Ethics made so much as a peep when Trump blew Past the Second Deadline last week.

Trump has sometimes used the Disclosures to Brag about his Wealth, Documenting Assets worth north of $1 billion.

But Last year, he ran into a Little Trouble when he coincidentally left All the Free Consultations he got from Legal Eagle Rudy Giuliani Off the Ledger.

It's safe to say Trump's got something to Hide because he always has something to Hide. But what it is isn't exactly clear.

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