Thursday, July 2, 2020

NY Public Financing Commission Missing Members

The Commissioners tasked with Overseeing a Sweeping Overhaul of New York’s Election Rules were Scheduled to get to Work on Wednesday, July 1st.

There was only One Problem, None of the Elected Officials who are Responsible for Appointing the Commissioners appear to have actually done so.

The New York's Budget Codified the Work of Last year’s Creation of a Public Financing Commission after a Judicial Decision cast Doubt on whether that Entity’s work would ultimately be Upheld as Legally Binding. The Court questioned if the Creation of the Board had the Authority to Change the Election Laws and if the Change affective Date can be in the year the Change is made.

The Change in Question dealt with the New Rules on a Political Party Qualifying for a Ballot Line. Before the Change, a Political Party received a Ballot Line if they collected 50,000 Votes for Governor, every Four years.

The New Rules:

To become a Qualified Political Party in New York State, the Political Body must now receive at least 2% of the Total Votes cast for Governor, or 130,000 Votes, whichever is Greater, in a Gubernatorial Election year and at least 2% of the Total Votes cast for President, or 130,000 Votes, whichever is Greater, in a Presidential Election year. Note that these Two Thresholds work Independently of one another. Also note that this Provision takes effect on January 1st, 2020, so that All Existing Parties must Requalify at the November 2020 Elections.

Most Fundraising in New York will now be Overseen by a Public Campaign Finance Board composed of: the Four Commissioners, Two Democrats and Two Republicans, of the State Board of Elections; One Individual Appointed by the Governor; another Jointly Appointed by the Democratic Leaders of the Legislature; and another by Republican Leaders, Seven Commissioners.

The Language Approved Three months ago said that these Individuals “shall be appointed no later than the first day of July, 2020.”

That Date has come and gone and there have been No Announcements about who will be Serving on the New Board.

None of the Spokespeople for the Individuals with a say in the Appointments replied to Requests for Updates.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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