Thursday, April 2, 2020

Survey of America's Independent Voters

Now that the Coronavirus Pandemic is in full play, We Americans are feeling the Impact of our Broken, Partisan Political System in New Ways.

We are eager to Launch a New Nationwide Survey geared specifically for Independent Voters, called Confronting a New Reality: Independents Speak Out.

In 2018, we Conducted a 9 Questions for the 44% Survey and 5,000 Independents Weighed-In on Questions about Independent Voters that now have become a Critical Part of the National Conversation. Among other things, the Survey Highlighted the Number One Answer People Gave for why they were Independent: that the Two Major Parties are Failing our Country and Putting the Interests of their Own Party Ahead of the Interests of the American People.

We think this Note from Jackie Salit, Independent Voting President, Captures that Dilemma.

She says:

"The work to fortify our democracy and to re-set our political practices and paradigms is an essential part of the path to recovery from the Coronavirus pandemic. What we do today, the actions we take, the alternatives we create, will determine how well we emerge from this crisis."

With that in mind, along with our Belief that Now is a Moment to Heighten the Conversation among Independents, we are Launching our New Survey.

We want to Thank You in advance for taking the Survey and ask you to Share the Survey with your Friends and Family. We will use your Responses to Focus the Discussion on the Issues of Concern to Independents and what we need to Develop our Democracy.

CLICK HERE to Access the Online Poll and take the Survey Now!

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