Thursday, April 16, 2020

GA Election Board Approves Ballot Drop Boxes for Primary

Georgia’s State Election Board has Approved allowing Counties to establish Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes for the State’s June 9th Primary Elections amid the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Officials have sent Absentee Ballot Request Forms to 6.9 Million Active Registered Voters.

Some Voting Rights Groups say that Requiring Voters to provide their Own Postage during the Virus Outbreak is an Unconstitutional Barrier to the Right to Vote.

Drop Boxes could provide another way for Voters to Return Ballots without needing a Stamp. But it will be Optional for Counties and could be up to them to Pay for the Drop Boxes, as well.

Delegate Allocation is Proportional, with Total Delegates at Stake is 120. Of the 105 Pledged Delegates, between 3 and 7 are Allocated to each of the State's 14 Congressional Districts and another 14 are Allocated to Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEO Delegates), in addition to 23 At-Large Pledged Delegates. These Totals do Not account for Pledged Delegate Bonuses or Penalties from Primary Timing or Primary Clustering.

PLEO stands for "Party Leader and Elected Official". Generally speaking, there are Three Types of Delegates sent to the Convention: Normal Delegates who are chosen at the District Level; At-Large Delegates who are chosen State-Wide; and PLEO Delegates, who are like At-Large Delegates except they are Hand-Picked from the Party Leadership. These Supredelegates are Uncommitted and don't Vote unless the Voting goes to more than the First Vote.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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