Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bloomberg Years of Building His Political Machine

Three-Term New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg's Long History, of Philanthropic and Political Spending has given him a Sprawling Network of Supporters that is Paying Off as he Runs for President.

For years, People have received his Money to Win Elections, Changed Laws, Fund Research, and Payed for Signature Municipal, Education, and recently Climate Change Programs, like Paying the U.S. Share of the Paris Climate Agreement, after Trump pulled the U.S. Out.

Many of those Beneficiaries and their Associates are Endorsing, or are Open to, Bloomberg’s Campaign, giving the Former Democrat, Republican, Independent, and now a Democrat, a Base of Democratic Party Support that he might Lack, if he hadn't used that Earned Wealth.

Bloomberg's Supporters include Members of Congress who were Elected with his help, Mayors who have Attended his Prestigious Training Program at Harvard University receiving Grants for their City, Gun Control Activists, and Environmental Activists who admire his Commitments to their Causes.

“He had the wealth to give away money for years to build friends, to build political allies, to build relationships, in ways that the average American doesn't have, can't do. That's a huge advantage,” said Paul S. Ryan, a Vice President at Common Cause, a Government Watchdog Group.

His Spending in Prior years that laid the ground work for Bloomberg’s Campaign and provided him Validators to Defend his Record against Allegations of Racism and Sexism.

Bloomberg has long said he wants to Give Away nearly All of his Fortune before he Dies, and wants to use the Money to tackle Big Problems that Government has Failed to Solve. If he wins, he will Sell his Company and put his Money into a Blind Trust.

The Documented $1.65 Billion in Grants that Bloomberg’s New York-based Bloomberg Family Foundation doled out to Hundreds of Cities, Universities, Cultural Groups, and Global Institutions from 2014 through 2018, the last year in which they have been Itemized in Tax Filings.

From Boston to Baltimore and Anchorage to Arlington, the Money has helped Fight Climate Change, Championed a Range of Public Health Initiatives, Promoted New Programs in Cities and Schools, and Helped Scores of Arts and Cultural Institutions.

The Total given by Bloomberg Philanthropies, which Encompasses All of the former Mayor's Giving, through his Foundation, his Company, and Personally, is even greater. Bloomberg Philanthropies has said that from 2014 through 2018 it Distributed more than $2.9 Billion.

Then there's the Record $3.3 Billion that Bloomberg Philanthropies says it Distributed in 2019 as Bloomberg Prepared to Run for President, including a $1.8 Billion Gift to his Alma Mater, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, that will Boost Financial Aid to Cover Tuition.

There are Dozens of Current and Former Mayors who have Publicly Endorsed Bloomberg’s Campaign after Benefiting in One of several ways from his Charitable Giving. At least 20 attended the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, a One-Year Training Program for Municipal Leaders that includes a City Grant that his Foundation Sponsors. Several others have led Cities that have received Programming Grants from Bloomberg Philanthropies or, in at least Two Cases, been Paid to Work as an Adviser or Board Members.

Former Philadelphia Mayor, Michael Nutter, has been a High-Profile Surrogate for Bloomberg’s Campaign, Defending him against Allegations of Racism that stem from the Stop-and-Frisk Policy in New York that Disproportionately Targeted Young Black Men. He should have stopped it much earlier. Nutter’s Consulting Firm is being paid by the Campaign, a Campaign Disclosure shows. Nutter had previously been a Paid Adviser for What Works Cities, a Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative that Promotes Municipal Innovation.

“But if an elected official has seen up close how hard Mike works to find solutions to America’s toughest problems and thinks that’s exactly what we need in the White House, we think that’s a pretty good reason to support someone,” Campaign Spokeswoman Rachel Nagler said.

A Review tracked more than $150 Million that Bloomberg gave to Dozens of Candidates and Political Groups since 2014. That Money helped Democrats take Control of the U.S. House in 2018, Pass Laws, and Referendums requiring Universal Background Checks on Gun Sales in Key States and Advocate for Higher Soda and Tobacco Taxes in some Cities and States.

Bloomberg’s super PAC in 2018 spent Millions Running Ads praising Democratic Candidates and Attacking their Republican Opponents, helping Win 21 of 24 Races that it got Involved in. At least 16 Democratic Members of Congress have Endorsed Bloomberg for President, including Four whose Candidacies were Direct Beneficiaries of his PAC Spending.

Several others Indirectly Benefited from Bloomberg’s Generosity because their Campaigns were Supported by One or More of the Key Democratic Party-Aligned Groups to which he gave Millions of Dollars. Those Groups include: Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and the League of Conservation Voters.

Bloomberg’s Spending has continued in the Early weeks of his Presidential Campaign. He gave $10 Million to a Group Supporting the House Democrats, $5 Million to a Voting Rights Group, and Smaller Donations to Several State Democratic Party Organizations.

“He's like a new machine. Rather than based in the party, it's based on his immense and vast wealth,” said Douglas Muzzio, a Professor who Studies Politics at Baruch College in New York City.

As an Elected Official in New York City for 12 years, I worked on his Three Mayoral Campaigns. I Represented the 73rd Assembly District, the East-Side of Manhattan, as a County and State Committee Member, and an At-Large Executive Committee Member, of the New York City Independence Party. I collected his Petitions, for the 73rd, for All Three Campaigns, from the 3,500 Party Members I Represented.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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