Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Giuliani Investigated for Illegal Foreign Campaign Contributions and Conduit Contributions

Subpoenas Issued to People with Ties to President Trump’s Personal Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, indicate a Broad Federal Investigation into Possible Money Laundering, Obstruction of Justice, and campaign-Finance Violations, and show that Prosecutors are Probing Mr. Giuliani’s Consulting Businesses and other Sources of Income.

The Subpoenas offer the Clearest Indication yet that Federal Prosecutors are Examining Giuliani’s Consulting Work.

Among the Entities Named in the Subpoenas are Giuliani Partners, a Security-Consulting Firm founded by Mr. Giuliani in 2002 that had Multiple Foreign Clients, including a City in Ukraine.

The Subpoenas also sought Information on a Company Co-Founded by Mr. Parnas that Paid Mr. Giuliani for Business and Legal Advice.

The Subpoenas Listed Ten Potential Charges under Consideration:

- Obstruction of Justice

- Money Laundering

- Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

- Making False Statements to the Federal Government

- Serving as an Agent of a Foreign Government without Registering with the Justice Department

- Donating Funds from Foreign Nationals

- Making Contributions in the Name of another Person

- Allowing Someone else to use One’s Name to make a Contribution

- Mail Fraud

- Wire Fraud

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