Wednesday, February 13, 2019

New U.S. Citizens Suing TX Over False Claim Non-Citizens Registered to Vote

Texas is Facing Two Lawsuits over its Attempt to Strip New U.S. Citizens from the Voter Rolls, or at least to Intimidate them away from Voting.

Latino Voters and Civil Rights Organizations are Suing over the Texas Secretary of State’s flagging of 95,000 Registered Voters as possibly being Non-Citizens who had Registered to Vote Illegally.

The People on the List had indicated they weren’t Citizens when getting their Driver’s Licenses, but the Vast Majority had then been Naturalized before Registering to Vote.

The whole effort was conducted in Massively Incompetent Fashion, but you can’t Discount the Malice that also had to be Involved.

According to State Rep. Rafael Anchia (D-103rd District), when he asked Secretary of State David Whitley if he knew that anyone on the list had Voted Illegally, Whitley answered No.

When Anchia challenged Whitley, “Well, isn’t it the protocol that you investigate and, if you find facts, you turn it over to the AG?” Whitley said he Didn’t have an Answer.

President Trump and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) were among the Republicans blasting out the Claim of Tens of Thousands of Illegally Registered Non-Citizens, but meanwhile, Whitley’s List was Disintegrating.

In One Case, a Local Elections Administrator didn’t have to guess that there was something Wrong with the List because it included One of her Employees, whom she knew to have been Naturalized in 2017.

Other Counties soon heard from the Secretary of State’s Office that Huge chunks of the Lists they’d been given were in Error.

This isn’t a Mistake with No Victims: Elections Administrators in some Counties started sending out Letters to People saying they had to come Prove their Citizenship. The Fact that those Letters will be followed by New Ones saying “Whoops, never mind” doesn’t Erase the Damage being done here.

And it’s not like Republicans couldn’t Guess how such a List would shake out: Similar efforts in Florida and Colorado started with Huge Lists that got whittled down to Tiny Numbers when they encountered Reality.

But that’s where we can clearly see the Malice as well as the Incompetence.

Republicans don’t want New Citizens Voting.

Just as they don’t want so many Other Groups of People Voting.

Because Democracy threatens Republicans.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker

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