Tuesday, June 19, 2018

We Need to Support the BUILD Act

In a few weeks, the ONE Organization Volunteers will hand-deliver Printed Copies of their Petition in support of the BUILD Act to both of your Senators and Member of Congress.

Vaccines, Medicine, and simple Tests save lives every day in our Communities, and they have the same Power in Africa, but only when they reach the People who need them. This is just one area where the BUILD Act will deliver.

In 2011, Health Officials in Ghana wanted to buy American-made Mobile Medical Clinics to reach People in Rural Areas. That Project almost fell apart, but it was saved when the U.S. Government stepped in with a Small Insurance Guarantee. The BUILD Act would support more Transformative Projects like that one.

Once the Mobile Clinics were delivered, they began making a huge difference in Ghana. In one location they enabled Health Workers to test the Hearing of 495 Children in a single day. According to the former Ghanaian Minister of Health, Sherry Ayittey, the Clinics are “a dream come true.”

The Mobile Clinics were purchased from a Business located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, so that Company and its Workers were also glad the Project could move forward. The U.S. Government didn’t buy the Mobile Clinics or Build them, it only provided Insurance to ensure the Deal could proceed.

With obvious Benefits at Home and in Developing Countries, it’s no surprise that the BUILD Act is gaining support in Congress. It has already received bipartisan Approval from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. To keep up the Momentum, we have to make sure your Leaders know that this Bill has the Support of their Constituents.

The Build Act of 2018 - H.R.5105

This Bill establishes the United States International Development Finance Corporation to facilitate the participation of Private Sector Capital and Skills in the Economic Development of Countries with Low- or Lower-Middle-Income Economies and Countries Transitioning from Nonmarket to Market Economies in order to complement U.S. Assistance and Foreign Policy Objectives.

The Corporation may:

(1) Make Loans or Loan Guarantees

(2) As a Minority Investor acquire Equity or Financial Interests in Entities

(3) Provide Insurance or Reinsurance to Private Sector Entities and Qualifying Sovereign Entities

(4) Provide Technical Assistance

(5) Administer Special Projects

(6) Establish Enterprise Funds

(7) issue obligations

(8) Charge Service Fees

The Corporation shall Terminate after Seven Years.

The Corporation shall Not Provide Assistance to:

(1) A Country whose Government has repeatedly supported Acts of International Terrorism

(2) A Private Sector Entity that is engaged in Monopolistic Practices

The Bill prescribes Transitional Provisions, including Transferring to the Corporation the Functions, Personnel, Assets, and Liabilities of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, which is subsequently Terminated, and specified elements of the U.S. Agency for International Development.

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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