Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Voting in NY Under Closed Primary System

New York Closed Primary Elections in a Two-Party dominated system bars 2,387,443 Active Independent Voters or BLANKS as they are defined by the Board of Elections (BOE).

Active Members of other Ballot Active Parties:

Conservative Party (CON) - 145,421
Green Party (GRE) - 26,462
Working Families Party (WOR) - 41,019
Independence Party (IND) - 436,312
Women’s Equality Party (WEP) - 4,374
Reform Party (REF) - 1,802

Non-Ballot Other Minor Parties (OTH) - 6,463

In New York City, 786,141 Active Independent Voters are shutout of Primary Elections, were 90% of Elections are decided in the Primaries, not in the General Election.

All Voters suffer, not just Independents. In Closed Primaries, Democrat and Republican Voters have Limited Choice and Narrow Options that are determined by the Parties Insiders.

Yet New York City's Taxpayers Pay for these Elections.

In 85% of American Cities some form of Nonpartisan Open Primaries Elections are used for Local Office. These include Major Cites like: Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Of the 15th Largest Cities in the Country, only New York City and Philadelphia use the outdated Partisan Primary.

The Primaries are Publicly Funded and Administrated by Boards of Elections, but the Parties insist they are Private, Members Only Elections. That's Taxation Without Representation!

Do you think it is time for a change?

NYC Wins When Everyone Can Vote! Michael H. Drucker
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