Monday, June 4, 2018

Spread The Vote

Spread The Vote (STV) obtains Government-issued Photo IDs for Eligible Voters. They are building a Scaleable and Sustainable way to help Voters get the IDs they need for Job, Housing, Voting, and more, 365 days a year PLUS Election Day.

Spread The Vote is a 501c3 founded by Kat Calvin.

Kat Calvin is the Founder of Spread The Vote. A Lawyer and Social Entrepreneur, Kat started STV after observing the results of Local, State, and National Elections without the Full Protections of the Voting Rights Act, and especially the many New Voter ID Laws that prevented Millions of Americans from Voting. Kat's Goal is to get an ID for every Voter in America who needs one, because every Citizen has the Right to Vote.

Kat attended Mount Holyoke College and the University of Michigan Law School. She is an Army brat mostly from Seattle and Sierra Vista, AZ and currently lives in Los Angeles.

More than 21 Million Americans lack Government-issued Photo Identification, yet an increasing number of State, including: Georgia, Texas, and Wisconsin, have passed Measures requiring IDs to Vote, effectively Suppressing Turnout, especially among Minorities.

Last year. Los Angeles-based Calvin launched the Nonprofit Spread the Vote, to help those who are Poor, Homeless, or immobile, secure Official Identification. Her Organization which now has 30 Chapters across Five States, assists prospective Voters by helping them Pay all the Fees associated with getting an ID and filling out the necessary Paperwork.

CLICK HERE for more information about Spread The Vote.

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