Sunday, May 20, 2018

U.S. Term Limits Convention Update

A Term Limits Amendment Proposal Convention

The Term Limits Convention uses “the procedures set forth in Article V” to achieve Congressional Term Limits. The Convention is not a State Law like those the Court struck down, it is a Constitutional Call-to-Action that triggers Automatically when 34 State Legislatures have demanded it. And, the States don’t need the Permission of Congress to propose a Constitutional Amendment.

The Founders recognized that the Constitution may have flaws and would have to adapt as the Country grew. As a matter of fact, George Mason refused to sign off on the Constitution because it did not include a “declaration of rights.” The first 10 Amendments, now known as the “Bill of Rights,” as well as the 27 Amendments that followed, were all proposed by Congress through Article V. James Madison and Alexander Hamilton wrote about the Beauty of Article V, stating it made it difficult but not too difficult, to propose Corrections to the Constitution. Madison, Hamilton, and Mason felt strongly that both the Federal Government and the State Legislatures should have Equal Power to propose Amendments, therefore, the “Conventions of States” Option was important for them to include.

Amendments require 2 Steps: Proposal and Ratification


- 2/3 of Both Houses of Congress or

- 2/3 of the State Legislatures (34 States). The State Legislatures must Apply for a Convention of States to Finalize the Language in preparation for the next step.

RATIFICATION PROCESS: Once approved, 3/4 of the States (38 States) must Ratify the Change. This can be done either through:

- 3/4 State Legislatures (38 States) or

- 3/4 State (38 States) Ratifying Conventions.

The Missouri Senate Passed the U.S. Term Limits Convention Resolution that will impose Term Limits on the U.S. House and Senate.

In the next few weeks, the Term Limits Organization will build on this momentum and launch their largest Digital Advertising Campaign for Congressional Term Limits.

Their Grassroots Coordinators are on the ground right now in States like Texas and Georgia fighting for Term Limits for Congress.

Three States have Passed their Resolution. Nine other States have Passed similar Legislation.

In just the last few months:

- The House Term Limits Caucus met with President Trump, and He Endorsed this Campaign.

- A new Poll reports that 82% of Americans now support Term Limits for Congress, including 76% of Democrats.

- Their Volunteer Army pushed their Term Limits Convention Legislation through Two more State Legislatures.

CLICK HERE for more information about the U.S. Term Limits Convention.

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