Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Trump’s Legal Team Lacks Security Clearances

President Trump’s current Team of Lawyers lacks the Security Clearances needed to Discuss Sensitive Issues related to a possible Presidential Interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump’s former Lead Lawyer John Dowd had been the only Member of the President’s Personal Legal Team with a Security Clearance. When Dowd quit in March over Disagreements with Trump on Legal Strategy, Jay Sekulow became the Lead Lawyer on the Investigation and is still Waiting for his Clearance.

The Lack of Security Clearances could further complicate already Sensitive Talks with Mueller’s Team. Prosecutors for Mueller made clear to Trump’s Lawyers before Dowd left the Legal Team that the Special Counsel would consider a Subpoena compelling the President to Testify before a Grand Jury if he Refuses to Participate in a Voluntary Interview.

Mueller believes he has Legal Standing to Subpoena a Sitting President, even though such a move has never been fully tested, according to the Two Current U.S. Officials. Unlike an Interview, Trump couldn’t bring his Lawyers into a Grand Jury Room. If Trump agrees to an Interview, the Topics that could require Security Clearance for the President’s Lawyers include a Meeting he had with Russian Officials the day after the President Fired FBI Director James Comey. That was on a List of 49 Potential Questions that Trump’s Legal Team compiled based on their Discussions with Mueller.

Sekulow has continued Talking with Mueller’s Team since Dowd’s Departure. Trump’s Newest Lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, joined in a Session last week. The Lawyers have been trying to Negotiate ways to narrow the scope of a possible Interview, which Mueller requested at the end of last year.

Ty Cobb, the White House Lawyer handling Requests from Mueller, has a Security Clearance. But he’s Stepping Down at the end of this Month, the White House said Wednesday. In any case, his Role is to Represent the Office of the Presidency, not Trump Personally. He hasn’t been directly involved in Discussions with Mueller about an Interview. He directed the Document Requests from Mueller that has been completed. He said He will now Retire.

Mueller is Investigating Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, whether anyone close to Trump Colluded in it and whether Trump Obstructed Justice by Firing Comey. Trump’s Legal Team is well-aware Mueller could issue a Subpoena, a possibility they have calculated in their Strategy on Negotiating an Interview, according to People familiar with the Team’s thinking. They have discussed a possible Defense against a Subpoena, including citing a 1990s Ruling involving President Bill Clinton that set a Standard for when a President can invoke Executive Privilege.

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