Thursday, May 24, 2018

Lawsuit Seeks to Replace Ohio’s Congressional Map in Time for 2020 Election

A Federal Lawsuit filed Wednesday, by the ACLU, in Cincinnati seeks to Toss Out Ohio’s Gerrymandered Congressional District Map on Constitutional grounds and create more Balanced Districts in time for the 2020 Election.

The Maps were drawn in a Secret Hotel room only Republicans had access to called "The Bunker." The Goal was to draw a Map that would give the Republicans a 12-4 Seat ratio throughout the decade for Ohio's Congressional Delegation.

If successful, the Suit would move up the Timetable by Two years for Congressional Redistricting Reform in Ohio. And it could jeopardize some of what otherwise would be Safe Incumbent Seats during a Presidential Election year.

CLICK HERE to read the 44 page (pdf) Case: 1:18-cv-00357-TSB, Filed: 05/23/18.

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