Friday, May 4, 2018

Google Will Verify Political Ads

Google is finally jumping onboard with Verifying Political Ads on its Site.

It follows Twitter and Facebook, who took similar steps this year.

Google announced Friday that it will now Require Advertisers to Verify that they are U.S. Citizens or Lawful Permanent Residents in Order to Purchase Ads for Candidates running for Office.

Such Political Advertisers will now to have to provide Google a Government-issued ID, among other Materials.

Political Advertisements on Google will now also feature Disclosures that reveal who Paid for them.

Unlike Facebook and Twitter however, Google’s Verification will be limited to Candidates, not Social and Political Issues.

Also unlike Facebook and Twitter, it has not supported Congressional Legislation that would Increase Political Ad Transparency on Digital Platforms.

Lawmakers in Congress are Pushing for Legislation that would Regulate Digital Platforms to the same Ad Transparency Standards as Print, TV, and Radio Mediums.

The Changes are set to take effect later this year, in Advance of November's Midterm Elections, Google said.

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