Thursday, May 31, 2018

Civil Rights Group and ISU Student Sue Iowa Secretary of State in Voter ID Lawsuit

A Civil Rights Organization and an Iowa State University (ISU) Student is Suing Iowa’s Secretary of State, Paul Pate, over a Voter ID Law they say Infringes on Iowans’ ability to fairly Cast a Ballot.

The League of United Latin American Citizens of Iowa (LULAC) and ISU Student Taylor Blair announced Wednesday morning that they are filing a lawsuit in Polk County District Court.

Pate released a Statement defending the Law against what he called a “baseless and politically motivated lawsuit,” which he alleged was “apparently timed to disrupt the June 5 primary elections.” He said the Law has adequate Safeguards to Protect Voters’ Rights.

The Plaintiffs also are seeking a Preliminary Injunction to Block most Provisions of the Law from taking effect while the Lawsuit is ongoing, potentially halting its Enforcement during next week’s June 5th Primary Election

The Suit alleges Pate has said “Iowa voters will be asked to show a form of valid identification,” implying that such identification will be required to Vote in 2018.

The Law is in a “soft rollout” phase. Through the end of this year, Eligible Voters who do not have a Valid Form of ID will be asked to Sign a Form swearing to their Identity. They can then cast a Normal Ballot.

The Plaintiffs accuse Pate of Omitting some Forms of Identification allowed under the Law, like an Out-of-State Driver’s License or an Iowa Student Identification presented with Proof-of-Address, on an FAQ Page on the Secretary of State’s website.

Valid Form of ID to show at the Polls:

Iowa Driver's License
Iowa Non-Operator's ID
U.S. Passport
Military ID
Veteran's ID
Voter ID Card

When do Voters have to start Showing ID at the Polls:

During calendar year 2018, Voters will be asked to show their ID before Voting at the Polls. Anyone who does not have the necessary ID will be asked to Sign an Oath verifying their Identity, and will be allowed to cast a Regular Ballot.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, Iowa Voters will be required to show a Valid Form at the Polls before they Vote. Voters without the necessary ID will be offered a Provisional Ballot and can provide ID up until the time of the County Canvass of Votes, Monday after Election Day for Primary and General Elections.

The information promoted by the Secretary of State’s Office will discourage Voters who mistakenly believe they cannot Vote this year unless they possess a Valid Form of Identification, and add to Poll-Worker Error over the Identity Form, that could Disenfranchise Voters, the Suit argues.

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